• Dr.A.Kalaichelvi


    Buyer - Firmís Chinnas

    Firmís Chinnas, Anna Nagar

    I am happy to be associated with Firm Foundations, a committed and reputed builder. The Md and his staff were easily approachable and helpful in complying with our needs and ready to help us for any clarification. I take the privilege to wish them all success in their endeavours.

  • Ms.Sudha


    Land Owner - Firmís Krishna

    Firmís Krishna,Anna Nagar

    Firm foundations has been in the construction field for the past 24 years and has improved in quality. My thanks to the chairman & MD and his team.

  • Mr.M.Swaminathan


    Land Owner - Firmís Paradise

    Firmís Paradise,saidapet

    I am very happy with the flat that firm foundations constructed for me.each and every employee of the company is very co-operative,polite and helpful.I would definitely recommend firm foundations to my friends and relatives

  • Mr..Ramkumar


    Buyer - Firmís sai subiksham

    Firmís sai subiksham,vadapalani

    Openness,commitment,delivery on time and quality of staff at all levels are the strong Points about firm foundations.

  • Dr.Hemraj


    Buyer - Firmís visuvasam

    Firmís visuvasam,Anna Nagar

    The staff at firm foundations was very courteous and helpful.overall it was a very good experience.

  • Mr. Srinivasan Anand


    Buyer - Firmís pankaja

    Firmís pankaja,Anna Nagar

    The approach and accessibility to meet and discuss with the chairman & MD and their senior staff is admirable and remarkable.The cheerful disposition of all Staff Members is highly Fascinating

  • Mr.R.Lakshmanan


    Buyer - Firmís sarada Bhavan

    Firmís sarada Bhavan,shenoy Nagar

    Very good co-ordination,and their commitment to meeting specifications in the Contract is excellent.

  • Mrs.Gayathri Venkatesh & Mr.Venkatesh Ramakrishnan


    Buyer - Firmís vishwas

    Firmís vishwas,Indira nagar.

    Overall we had a good Experience with firm foundations.They are very professional in their approach

  • Mrs.Jeyashree


    Buyer - Firmís Sai Lakshan

    Firmís Sai Lakshan,Saidapet

    Commitment and after sales service is very good

  • Mrs.Sarada Menon


    Land Owner - Firmís Prasantham

    Firmís Prasantham,Anna Nagar

    Dealing with Firm foundations has been a satisfying experience.Quality of Construction,no Deviation And Commitment are the strong points of the company.

  • Dr. Geetha Upadhyaya


    Land Owner - Firmís Visuvasam

    Firmís Visuvasam, Anna Nagar

    I am very pleased with this joint venture. The work was completed on time and well done.

  • Mr.R. Rgavan & Mrs. R. Sridevi


    Buyer - Firmís Thayagam

    Firmís Thayagam, Periyar Nagar

    The staff is extremely Co-operative and committed. Response has always been very prompt.


    Prof & Head of Dept- Oral Medicine & Radiology

    Buyer - Firmís Damera Royale

    Firmís Damera Royale

    In these times of real estate gloom and numerous stalled projects- a big Thank You for completing the building more or less on time to the specifications we agreed upon mutually to my satisfaction. A house which you plan to live in is very special and dream for everyone and luckily my experience with you and your team was professional and to the point which I found very easy to work with!! Thanking you and wishing you the best in all your future endeavors


    Fusion Tech Services- Mogappair Proprietor

    Land Owner - Firmís Ragupathi

    Firmís Ragupathi, Anna Nagar

    We are fortunate to have a Joint Venture with them. Since their commitment is impeccable and on time. They maintain high Standards of Quality of work to our fullest satisfaction and there is no deviation whatsoever. We wish Shri.C.Kasturi Raj and their dedicated staff a grand success and all the Very best for all their future projects

  • Mr.K.SWAMINATHAN, Dip in MechEngr

    Retd. Engineer, ICF

    Land Owner - Firmís Sai Arul Nivas

    Firmís Sai Arul Nivas, Anna Nagar

    Firm Foundations staffs have been very courteous and helpful in executing my project to my needs and suggestions without deviation to the Planning Permit. They have earned a reputation to keep up to Standards Schedules and Quality. I wish Mr.Kasturi Raj & his team of staff members all success in their future endeavors.



    Land Owner - Firmís SaradaBhavan

    Firmís SaradaBhavan, Shenoy Nagar

    Mr.C.Kasturi Raj has a very dedicated team, sincere and loyal from the set of team doing desk work at his office to the people doing manual job at the site. He has completed the entire project using quality and branded items and complying with all Rules and Conditions of CMDA, Corporation of Chennai etc. Honesty, straightforward and open minded dealings he has with the clients has earned him a unique place for him in the minds of the customers.

  • Mr.V.SEKAR, B.E, MBA.,

    Retd from a Senior position in MNC

    Land Owner - Firmís Viswas

    Firmís Viswas, Indira Nagar

    "Our experience with Firm Foundations is quite pleasant which is very rare now a days. Their customer focus is very good & they not only met but exceeded our expectations in some of their commitments. Foundation for this good relationship is ' honesty ' & Mutual trust ' strengthened by excellent understanding and communication. We wish them all the very best in all their new endeavors. "

  • Dr.V.BALAN, M.D

    Consulting Psychiatrist

    Land Owner - Firmís Viswas

    Firmís Viswas, Indira Nagar

    I had pleasant, endearing and enduring relationship with our Joint Venture Developer Firm Foundations. The first meeting of Mr.C.Kasturi Raj, Chairman & Managing Director, which was very friendly and personal carried us through all the formalities of documentation etc., like a breeze with no room for doubts, issues or negotiations. Our own legal experts complimented on the comprehensiveness, correctness of all the legal documents taking into account the interests and concerns of both the parties with no ambiguity, loopholes or fine prints. Handing over of the flats involved a well planned process of providing oral/ documented information in handling the amenities and the ways and means of troubleshooting any problems, emphasizing on the fact that the company executives will continue to assist in making the residents go through the teething- troubles and settle down comfortably.


    Retd Exec Director & Secretary- Ashok Leyland

    Land Owner - Firmís Dwaraka, Anna Nagar

    Firmís Dwaraka, Anna Nagar

    We are proud to be associated with Firm Foundations for the Joint Development Project at Dwaraka, T- Block, Anna Nagar. We cherish the cordial relationship with Sri.Kasturi Raj, Chairman & Managing Director of FIRM and his excellent professional staff under the able guidance of Sri. Kasturi Raj, the organization has earned hight reputation of being one of the best in the industry. Their high professional expertise, business ethics and adherence to high quality construction and delivery schedules have indeed made them the first choice in Joint Venture. Our Best Wishes to Firm Foundations and May God bless them to reach new heights of recognition and prosperity.

  • Dr.C.Chinnaswami, M.S., M.Ch., F.R.C.S., D.Sc., (Hon)

    Consultant Urologist, Director Madras Institute of Urology- Vijaya Hospital

    Land Owner - Firmís Chinnas, Anna Nagar

    Land Owner- Firmís Chinnas, Anna Nagar

    Firm Foundations have constructed many buildings in and around Anna Nagar, they are now landmarks in the area. It is very easy to meet ShriKasturi Raj, Chairman & MD., he meets his clients without any fuss, completes the project as promised in proper time. We are very happy to be associated with Firm Foundations. We wish the ďFIRMĒ will grow from strength to strength and celebrate many more jubilees.

  • S.Solayappan

    Chemical Engineer (Retd) Shaw Wallace, Chennai

    Land Owner - FIRMS AARUDHIRA

    Y-Block, No.108, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40

    I recall with pleasure my association with Firm Foundations. I am delighted to learn that Firm Foundations have completed 20 years of service in Joint Venture Development. I wish them all success to get a major share of this business opportunity which they deserve by virtue of the quality of work done by them, speed of completion and at a reasonable price.

  • Mr.B.Sridhar

    Managing Director - Chennai Arthritis & Rheumatism Centre.


    Y-Block, No.117, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40

    Firm Foundations have earned a reputation for quality and innovation. They offer you homes which appeal to both mind and body, a home set to give you an enriched living experience at a price you always dreamt of. They form an excellent in-house team of experienced architects, dynamic design engineers, passionate site engineers, hardworking supervisors and above all, very sincere, dedicated office staffs who work together along with their Managing Director -Mr. Kasturi Raj formulating, planning and strategizing the desired goals. I Wish them all the success for their future projects.


    General Manager (Retd) - D.B.Madar & Company

    Land Owner - FIRMS AASHA

    No.51, Pulla Avenue, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai Ė 600 030.

    We were fortunate to have given the property owned by our mother (Late) Mrs.Soumini Raghavan W/o.(Late)Sri.O.T.Raghavan. Our Apartments FIRMíS AASHA was completed in early 2000. We are very happy to say that Shri Kasturi Raj and his office staffs, still have cordial relationship with us. We wish him all success for the coming years.

  • Nazar Sherif



    Plot No: 1324/8, 18th Main Road, Anna Nagar west, Chennai 600040.

    It gives me immense pleasure to know that Firm Foundations successfully completes Its 20th anniversary today, firmly establishing and manifesting as one of the leaders in the property developers, in Chennai, more so to the fullest satisfaction of its customers indeed. On this occasion of Firm Foundations completing 20 years, I take the privilege to wish Mr Kasturi Raj, Managing Director and his staff, all success in their endeavor and to spread their wings for the benefit of the society. Thank you.

  • Ramaswamy

    FIE, F.IV, Retd. Chief Executive

    Land Owner - FIRMS ANANYA

    W- Block, No.25, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40

    I am proud to declare Firm Foundations is one of the few past builders and developers with objective for quality, quickness and customer satisfaction.

  • Dr.Chelvanambhi

    M.D.S, Dentist

    Buyer - FIRMS TOWERS

    W-Block, No.121, Anna Nagar, Chennai Ė 40

    Over the last twenty years, the Chennai real estate landscape has changed dramatically. Mr. Kasturi Raj and Firm Foundations have showcased exemplary vision in adapting and raising the bar in quality and customer satisfaction . I have had a front row seat to see Firm Foundations start from their humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the business. Their success is a direct result of the hard work, commitment to excellence and attention to detail, that Mr. Kasturi Raj has instilled in this company. I am confident that Firm Foundations will have many more successful years in the future and grow from strength to strength.



    Land Owner - FIRM'S SHUBAKAVI.

    Plot No.1439, 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai Ė 40.

    The MD and his staff members are very courteous, easily approachable, and their client's needs and suggestions are well taken care off. A Joint venture with this professionally managed and reputed organization leaves us totally satisfied and relaxed. We wish them all success.


    One of the Owner

    Land Owner - FIRMíS AVATAAR

    Plot No.1012, 6th Avenue, Annanagar, Chennai-40.

    We are very fortunate to have a JV with Firm Foundations and when we had discussions with the MD Mr. C. Kasturi Raj, we are amazed by his professional approach, quality conscious, commitment to keep the time and payment schedule and strict adherence to statutory requirements. Mr. C. Kasturi Raj has mentally framed a set of quality standards for the project which he never compromises. We have a feeling that the project is in safe hands and we never bothered to check the quality of construction. Firm Foundations is one of the most trusted builders in Chennai. We wish Mr. C. Kasturi Raj and his dedicated team all success. May God bless them abundantly.


    Bank Manager (Retired), Indian Bank.

    Land Owner - FIRM'S PANKAJA

    Plot No:1617, 'J' Block, 8th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai Ė 40.

    Firm Foundations have high standard of their own and no compromise of any sorts in their work. They strictly follow the rules and regulations of the local bodies. No additional upgradations are required by their clients more than the specifications suggested by them.


    Retd. Post Master

    Land Owner - FIRMíS AKR

    Plot No.1052, 18th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40.

    I am very fortunate to enter into a joint development with Firm Foundations. Firm Foundations has shown good speed in construction in our site with no compromise in quality and Mr. Kasturi Raj, is ready to help us for any clarifications. I wish Mr. Kasturi Raj & his team all success in their future endeavours.


    Pediatrician & Gyneacologist


    F- Block, No.91, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-102.

    Firm Foundations are very professional in their approach and at the same time cordial. Mr. Kasturi Raj is a very good person and his staff are also cordial and loving to their customers. We wish them all success in the world in the years to come.




    R-Block, No.53, Annanagar, Chennai - 40.

    A Firmly established and reputed builder, Professional & Pragmatic in approach and stands by its commitment.


    G.M.V.C. M.V.SC. PHD.

    Land Owner - FIRMS SRI NIVAS.

    C- Block, No.21, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-102.

    Firm Foundations staff have been very courteous and helpful in complying to my needs during construction and thereafter till date. I feel very fortunate in getting acquainted with Mr. Kasturi Raj, who is now our good friend and well wisher. I wish him and his staff all the best and hope many will get fortunate like me in years to come.

  • Babulal Ranka

    Managing Director. South India Engineering Corporation


    No.92, K-Block, Anna Nagar,Chennai-600102.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation to the quality of craftsmanship and transparency of operations extended by Firm Foundations. Our home reflects the vision of creativity . Hope to see the neighbourhood grow for years to come with buildings of Firm Foundations.

  • Mr.P.Ravichandran

    Development Officer

    Land Owner - FIRMS ARCADE

    P-Block, No.47, Anna Nagar, Chennai-600040

    My Best Wishes and compliments to Firm Foundations for completion of 20 Successful years. I would like to vouch them as, THE MOST TRUSTED BUILDER IN ANNANAGAR.