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Firm's Namaskar

FIRM'S Namaskar is another property including construction of Stilt plus five floors Premium Residential apartments with modern amenities. The building will be constructed at Plot No.3795, Old Door No.86, New Door No.30, 3rd Main Road, Q- Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai- 600040




Earth Quake resistant R.C.C framed structure with Specifications as per IS 456 - 2000 & IS 13920 – 2003 for ductile detailing of vertical members, IS 1786 –2008 Grade Fe500 TMT Bars with Thermax technology steel will be used.

  • All walls built with Bricks/ Fly Ash bricks.
  • Two layers of additional concrete belt with steel mesh is given in 4 ½ “brick walls to avoid cracks.
  • O.P.C 53 grades (Ordinary Portland Cement) for all RCC works and PPC 43 grade (Portland Pozzolana Cement) will be used for areas other than RCC works.
  • Internal Walls of flats plastered with anti-crack HD fibers from saint gobain and finished with Two coats of cement based putty, one coat of primer and Two coats of Asian Premium Emulsion.
  • Ceiling surfaces of the apartments will be given one coat of cement paint on the RCC surface and 12mm gypsum board false ceiling with galvinised iron section supports. Joints will be taped with touchup putty and finished with one coat of primer and two coats of White colour Premium Emulsion.
  • Basement height will be 2’6” from road level.
  • Floor height will be 10’ in each floor including slab thickness and clear height after false ceiling will be 8'9” except on the stilt floor which will be as per the CMDA norms.
  • External walls will be plastered and finished with texture /putty and Asian Apex Emulsion or equivalent.



  • Flooring for the Living/ Dining area alone will be laid with 4x2 KAJARIA / SOMAN/ Equivalent @ Rs.100/Sft. Vitrified tile flooring 24” x 24” (@Rs.50/- per s.ft) from KAJARIA/ SOMANY/ Equivalent plain colours, for the rest of the flat (bedrooms, kitchen, balconies and passages) with 4” high skirting.


  • Black galaxy granite slab (18 mm thickness) will be provided above the RCC slab with  Nirali/ equivalent make Stainless Steel sink (36”x20”) with drain board.
  • 24” x 12” or 12” x 18”  (@Rs.50/Sft) plain colour glazed tiles of KAJARIA/ SOMANY to a height of 2’ above platform will be provided.
  • Service/Utility Wall tiles will be 3’0” ft height of tile size 24” x 12” or 12” x 18”  (@Rs.50/Sft) plain colour glazed tiles of KAJARIA/ SOMANY
    • Service floor tile12” x 12” (@Rs.40/Sft) anti-skid tile from KAJARIA/ SOMANY/ EQUIVALENT will be provided.
  • Shelves with 4 nos of Black Granite slabs will be provided in the Kitchen.
  • RO plant with 10 litres/hour output will be provided for individual flats in the kitchen.


  • Concealed plumbing work shall be done with CPVC pipes and open plumbing lines will be UPVC pipes.
  • RCC surface will be thoroughly cleaned and pressure grouting is done wherever necessary and two coats of polymer based coating is done with admixture. 3mm spacer will be used for Toilet Flooring and epoxy based grouting compound will be filled in the tile gaps.
  • Designer toilets with duo- coloured ceramic tiles and glazed tile dado uptoFalse ceiling height for the walls. Tile sizes will be 12” x 18”/ 12’ x 24” from KAJARIA/ SOMANY/

EQUIVALENT (@Rs.50/Sft.)

  • Plain ceramic antiskid tile flooring of size 12” x 12” (@Rs.40/Sft) from KAJARIA/ SOMANY/ EQUIVALENT will be provided.
  • A towel rod and 12”glass corner shelf will be provided in each toilet.






a.  Main door

  • Main door frame and shutters will be First quality African Teak with polish and melamine spray. Frame will be of size 5”x 3”. Door size will be 3’6”x7’0” 
  • Floral carving will be done on main door planks.
  • The outer frame of the main door shutter will be 1 ½” and inner planks of the main door shutter will be 1 ¼” before plaining.

b. Other doors:

  • Other doors will be 30mm deep-moulded compressed wood fibre raised panel doors, strengthened with pre-selected kiln dried rails and stiles, with a grain effect etched in the panel with first quality teak frames, both sides polished with melamine spray.
  • Bed room door size 3’0”x7” ,Service Door size 2’6”x7’0”
  • Toilet doors will be ABS Kappa doors painted on both sides. Size 2’6”x7’0”

c. Windows:

  • All windows will be of UPVC (Un plasticized Poly vinyl chloride)Vega/ Gadli  with 5mm plain glass panels and required accessories for locking.
  • Openable UPVC Windows for all Living cum Dining ,bed rooms and Sliding windows for Kitchen.
  • Size of the window will be 5’0”x4’0”,4’0”x4’0”,4’0”x3’0” & 3’0”x3’0”                    
  • French doors will be of size 7’0”x7’0” sliding type.
  • Bright bars square rods of 12 mm will be provided for window grills embedded in the wall.

d. Ventilator:

  1. Toilet ventilators will be with aluminium adjustable louvers with inbuilt provision for exhaust fan.Size will be 2’0”x2’0”

e. Hardware Items:

  • Main door will be provided with  6” heavy SS hinges (3 nos), 2 tower bolts, a door eye, a heavy SS door stopper and Godrej Ultra Vertibolt Lock with Handles.
  • Bedroom doors will be provided with 5” heavy SS hinges Godrej Venus SS make/Equivalent locks will be provided for all bedroom doors.
  • SS tower bolts (2 nos) and hinges (3 nos) will be provided for all the doors.
  • Baby latch and a handle will be provided for toilet doors.


One RCC loft will be provided in each bedroom and Kitchen to a width of 2’0”.                



  • CHEMICAL EARTHING done for the building by digging 3m deep bores inserted with hot dipped galvanized dual pipes, filled with high conductive and corrosion resistant crystalline mixture and backfill compound around the electrodes.Each flat will have independent Distribution board with 3 phase changeover switches of63 amps and phase indicator lamps and one RCCB. Each circuit in a flat shall have 1 no.  20A MCB for A/c, 16A MCB for water heaters in each toilet, 6/10Amps MCB for all  other circuits.
    • Wiring will be of copper, FRLS (fire retardant low smoke) cables from ORBIT/ RR/  Q-FLEX/  POWERFLEX/ EQUIVALENT concealed in PVC conduits.
    • Switches will be Modular Type mounted on metal boxes from LEGRAND/ EQUIVALENT.
    • Split A/C provision in all bedrooms and living room with 4 wiring direct from the DB.
    • TV points with RG6 foam filled cables and phone points will be 2 pair telephone cables from HAVELLS/ EQUIVALENT. TV points will have separate conduits for all three bedrooms and living room from the terrace. Phone Points will be provided in Living and all common RG6 TV cable will be provided in living room which will connect other rooms.
  • Cables for 5 Amps will be, for lights and fans will be 1,15 Amps plug points for water heaters, airconditioners, fridge will be 4
  • Cable from the main meter till the distribution board of the flat will be 6
  • Each flat shall have a separate energy meter located on the main board with separate good quality main three phase switch.
  • The Generator changeover panel will be Manual type.
  • One exhaust fan will be provided in each toilet.


Provision of Electrical Points:

i. ENTRANCE: One Bell switch and One Light Point.

ii.DRAWING cum DINING:  One T.V. Point with  2 nos 5A pin point with 2” concealed pipe for cabling for wall mounted TV; One Telephone Point; Four light points in walls, Two 5A pinpoint in the main switch board, Two Fan Points, One Chandeliar point, Calling bell point, 15 A for fridge.

iii.BED ROOMS : 2 light points in wall; One 5A pinpoint in the bed control switch board, One 20A plug & socket with MCB for AC, One Fan Point; One Telephone Point; One T.V. Point with  2 nos 5A pin point with 2” concealed pipe for cabling for wall mounted TV;  1” Dishnet connection point in any one bedroom (only pipeline), One skirting light, One 5A point for computer.

iv. KITCHEN: Two light points in wall, One Fan point, One Exhaust fan point, One 5A pinpoint for Mixie, One 15A point for Wet- Grinder; 5A point for Aqua Guard/ RO unit, One 5A point for chimney, One 5A point for Garbodrain. One 15A point for microwave.

v. KITCHEN SERVICE: One light point, One 15 A point for washing machine.

vi. TOILETS: One light point; One 15A point for Geyser; One light point over wash basin mirror and one 5A pinpoint, One exhaust fan point.

vii. BALCONY: One light point. One fan point.

viii. Puja: One light points with a 5A point.




  • FINOLEX PVC pipes 5” shall be used for underground sewerage pipelines. The inspection chambers of size 2’x2’ to the required depth shall be provided with RCC manhole covers.
  • Toilet concealed plumbing line and fittings will be CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) and external water line pipes and fittings will be UPVC (Un Plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride)                                                                                                     
  • All ceramic wares shall be white in colour (JAQUAR/ TOTO/ Parryware/ CERA Equivalent).
  • Wall mounted closet with concealed tanks provided in all toilets with health faucets.
  • Taps and other fittings – JAQUAR/TOTO/EQUIVALENT make CP fittings or equivalent.
  • Each toilet shall be provided with one water closet, one wash basin, one divertor, One tipton (spout with a provision to have telephonic shower) and shower rose(overhead shower), one health faucet, pillar cock & angle valve for wash basin and 20 mm concealed stop cock. Kitchen sink will be provided with 2 nos Swan Neck (extended neck) wall mounted sink cock.
  • Kitchen service will be provided with 2 nos bib cock.                                   


  • Water tank will be done with 4 ½” brick work outside and 4 ½” thick RCC walls inside with adequate water proofing and bifurication for metro water and bore water proofing will be polymer based coating
  • UPVC Valve for interconnecting both the tanks will be provided.
  • Automatic Water level controllerfor overhead tank will be provided for metro water pump and will be connected to the generator.



  • 15000 - 18000 litres capacity RCC underground sump shall be constructed for storing metro water.
  • Borewell of depth of 50 feet with 6“ dia pipe will be provided.
  • One Monobloc motor with a capacity of 1 Hp for the metro water and One Jet motor with a capacity of 1.5 Hp, for the borewell from SHARP/ CROMPTON/EQUIVALENT will be provided.

CHEMICAL TREATMENT(Water Proofing treatment)

  1. Polymer based water proofing coating for toilet sunken portions, lift pit, sump and overhead tank.
  2. RCC surface will be thoroughly cleaned and pressure grouting is done wherever necessary and two coats of polymer based coating are done with admixture. 3mm spaces between the toilet tiles is filled with epoxy based grouting compound.


Anti-Termite treatment will be done at Footing, Basement, Brick work, Before Plastering and before laying Paving blocks.


1’0” waterproofing treatment done in the joint between terrace floor slab and parapet wall and this portion is packed with chips to safeguard the waterproof.

Terrace RCC surface will be thoroughly cleaned and baby chips screed will be laid form required slope. Cement mortar with ad mixture will be laid to fix the thermal insulation tile with spacers. The space between the tile will be grouted with water       

proofing compound. .  INSULLA TILE will be provided in terrace floor over Grano flooring by using 5 mm thick chips.


  • Abundant landscaping and green cover will be provided around the building.


  • A Six passenger Auto door MS Lift from ASIAN/ EMPEROR/ EQUIVALENT will be provided. Lift will be provided upto the terrace. Lift license will be procured.




Standby Generator with alternator, sound proof enclosure, control panel, change over panel and earthing etc., will be provided, which will support all common area lights, motor, lift and only the light and fans inside the apartments.


  • Access Control system with priority cards will be provided.
  • Wooden door at the entrance near staircase will be provided.


  • Provision for piped gas in the ground floor will be provided
  • Adequate light points in stairs, Terrace, compound walls, points will be provided.
  • SS Handrails will be provided for the common staircase.    
  • EB and phones cables from the road to the mains inside the building will be laid through PVC pipes.
  • Compound walls upto 5’ from finished floor level at required places with gate pillars and Two gates will be provided.
  • Name board will be provided in the car park area.
  • Seating arrangements will be provided in the car park area and terrace.
  • A Party table with a wash basin will be provided in the terrace.
  • Pandal rings will be provided in the terrace.
  • Setbacks will be finished with interlocking designer concrete paving blocks.
  • Covered Car park area will be finished with Vitrified Floor tile over Plain cement concrete mix 1:5:10
  • Rain water Harvesting shall be done.
  • Separate Servant room & toilet will be provided.
  • Elegant elevation features will be provided.
  • Elegant Lobby space in the Ground Floor will be provided.
  • Staircase steps and landing flooring will be done with granite.
  • Granite slab will be provided in window sill and balcony sill. 
  • CCTV Camera will be provided in the Common areas.        


Stilt Floor Plan

Floor Plan

First Floor Flat 1A 2454
Second Floor Flat 2A 2454
Third Floor Flat 3A 2454
Fourth Floor Flat 4A 2454
Fifth Floor Flat 5A 2454
At the time of BOOKING 20%
On completion of BASEMENT 10%
On completion of GROUND FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of FIRST FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of SECOND FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of THIRD FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of FOURTH FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of FIFTH FLOOR ROOF 8%
On completion of BRICK WORK of your flat 6%
On completion of INTERNAL PLASTERING in your flat 6%
On completion of TILE LAYING in your flat 6%



044 2619 2619 ( 4 Lines )

+91 99400 22619 / +91 97909 22619